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GUMIYO, Inc. First to Deliver Carfax Vehicle History Reports Through Mobile Devices to Consumers: New Partnership Helps Dealers Sell Cars Faster

WOODLAND HILLS, CA  -- Gumiyo announced today the availability of Carfax Vehicle History Reports on mobile devices for automotive listings available through the Gumiyo platform. Gumiyo provides a robust mobile technology service that connects buyers and sellers in real time by extending the traditional online marketplace to mobile phones using text messaging.  No matter where they may be, used car buyers and sellers always have access to Carfax Vehicle History Reports.  This information is obtained by sending a text message that includes the word “CARFAX” with the Vehicle Identification Number to GUMYO (48696) or by visiting from various mobile devices. 

“One of Gumiyo’s chief goals is to create effective marketing and sales tools with our mobile platform,” said Shuki Lehavi, President and CEO of Gumiyo, Inc. “Every dealer is constantly looking for cost-effective and high ROI ways to acquire and maintain the buyer’s mindshare.  By using the added power of the Carfax Vehicle History Report with each listing, our dealers can establish an immediate relationship with each buyer due to the intimate nature of the mobile device. Studies show that buyer response rates increase up to 10 percent when dealers include the mobile channel as part of their integrated marketing and sales campaigns.”

When Carfax Vehicle History Reports are combined with GumiyoPRO Elite, dealers create a “Mobile Showroom” that serves as the centerpiece of their mobile strategy and automatically extends their inventory directly into the hands of their buyers.  Additionally, buyers can also access the dealer’s entire inventory by texting the dealer’s uniquely branded Go Code™ that can be placed in advertisements, print ads, signs, flyers, and window labels.  Dealers can now use the Carfax / Gumiyo logo as part of their campaigns to help attract customers without waiting for them to return to their laptops. When the buyer is ready to engage with the dealer, they can immediately respond via email, text message, phone call or all three … the result is a high quality lead.

“We believe Carfax Vehicle History Reports should be accessible anytime, anywhere,” said Larry Gamache, Communications Director at Carfax.  “When buyers can view the Carfax Report up front in the buying process, dealers sell cars faster and make more money on each sale.” 

About Gumiyo
Gumiyo provides a platform that matches and connects buyers and sellers by extending classifieds, marketplaces, and businesses to mobile phones.  With its flexible private-label solution, Gumiyo enables organizations to quickly incorporate the mobile channel into their marketing mix with minimal investment while getting the best and latest technologies the mobile medium has to offer.  Founded by Shuki Lehavi and Rich Abronson in Woodland Hills, CA, Gumiyo is committed to revolutionizing the mobile marketing experience and maintaining thought leadership in the mobile industry. 



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