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OneCommand Launches Next-Generation Mobile Marketing Campaigns for Auto Dealers: Real-Time Bidirectional Interaction Enables Communication with Customers Anytime, Anywhere

CINCINNATI, OH — OneCommand, formerly known as CallCommand, today announced the release of two-way, interactive mobile marketing for auto dealers, allowing customers to receive and respond to mobile messaging (text, email and cell phone) in real-time, and have the system automatically return in kind.  Powered by the recently announced OneConnect platform, OneConnect Mobile enables the delivery of relevant content in real-time across wireless mobile communication channels – including text (SMS), and mobile email (MMS).

“There are more active mobile phones in North America than there are people.  As the mobile experience expands and mobile commerce capabilities become desirable, the need for robust, real-time, bi-directional transactional capabilities between dealers and their customers has not only increased, but become very apparent. We are thrilled to be the first to bring this exciting set of mobile capabilities to our dealers and will continue in the future to invest in the very latest in technology that engages customers through full and rich communications,” commented Al Babbington, CallCommand CEO.

OneConnect Mobile is built into OneCommand’s new technology platform OneConnect, which arms auto dealers with a complete suite of simple and easy-to-use customer communication tools, enabling the design and execution of powerful and effective multi-channel marketing campaigns within seconds. OneConnect Mobile enriches marketing campaigns by enabling real-time two-way communication between a dealership and its customers in several ways:

Service Reminders: a dealership can automatically send text messages to their customers to remind them of their upcoming service appointment.  If the time is no longer convenient, the customer can request via a simple text message to reschedule, triggering the system to automatically return a message asking when the next most convenient time may be. The customer texts back a time, the dealership is notified and as a result the appointment is rescheduled.

On-the-Lot Marketing: Customers visiting a dealer’s lot after hours can text for more information regarding a vehicle or the dealership itself and have the system automatically respond with a text description, color “brochure” of the vehicle or even video.  The system also offers the customer the ability to request this same information be sent to them in email, thereby capturing and reporting to the dealership both the customers’ phone number and email address for follow up.

Newspaper ads: Dealers can enrich their newspaper ad campaigns by including wording in their ads telling the reader to text for more information and the same process is then followed as above.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: After vehicle purchase or service a text message can be sent asking if the customer is satisfied and to please text “Yes” or “No”.  If the customer responds “No” the system responds and asks the customer if they would like to speak to a manager.  If the customer responds with a “Yes”, the system automatically connects a phone call between the customer and the dealership to quickly head off any customer service issues.

“In today’s cluttered marketing environment retailers must connect to individual consumers at the right time and in a place where that customer is most receptive to the message. OneConnect’s mobile marketing tool enables dealers to build or augment their customer databases of contact information and preferences while allowing the dealer to interact directly with consumers on a two-way basis and in a more personalized manner,” Babbington said.

Visit booth #1559W for more information.

About OneCommand
OneCommand is a leading provider of integrated and automated, personalized communications designed to stream line work-flow, reduce marketing expense and generate superior customer response. Focusing on the delivery of the right message, at the right time, and through the right channel, OneCommand has rapidly expanded its market penetration by helping its clients to realize significant improvements in loyalty and retention, frequency of visit and overall profitability. In 2007 the Company delivered over 100 hundred million personalized communications on behalf of over 4000 clients throughout North America.

OneCommand’s proven, web-based Relationship Marketing Solutions enable customers to leverage the power of their voice through a multitude of channels, including voice messaging, mobile messaging, e-mail marketing, live call center services, direct mail and a variety of two-way communication streams. By providing a seamless solution for communication from shop to buy to service and repurchase, OneCommand offers the opportunity to coordinate a unified message to customers. This approach paired with custom automation of timely, relevant and consistent communications has led to significant reductions in marketing expense and even greater improvements in the customer experience.



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