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James A. Bradford appointed President of TK Carsites

ORANGE, CA - TK Carsites, Inc. today announced the appointment of its President James A. Bradford effective immediately. 

The announcement was made by Richard J. Valenta, the CEO of TK Carsites, Inc. He shared, “The board is confident that Mr. Bradford will continue to steer TK Carsites on a successful course while enhancing the overall performance and growth of the company.” Mr. Valenta continued, “Jim Bradford has an incredible amount of energy and his passion for the auto retail market is greatly appreciated by our dealer clients.”

James Bradford said, “I am honored to be able to assist some of the best dealerships in the country with establishing an aggressive, high quality online marketing presence. And, the fact that I get to work with an incredible team here at TK only reassures me that we will continue to make a very positive impact in the market.”

Mr. Bradford will lead this company to its next levels of performance through the management of individual departments and overall fiscal growth. Prior to starting TK Carsites, Inc., Mr. Bradford was a senior manager of investor relations with, John James Investments and the Hampton group. In these positions Mr. Bradford was responsible for cultivating millions of dollars of investment capital and oversaw investment strategies for the organizations as well as risk mitigation.

In 2000 Mr. Valenta and Mr. Bradford co-founded TK Carsites (originally known as “Turn Key Productions Inc.). The company has enjoyed continuous success and growth over the years by taking a leadership role in the industry. Additionally TK has been recognized nationally for assisting dealerships in bridging the gap between traditional and Internet sales in the automotive industry.

 They have done this by creating and managing web tools that allow car buyers to do the necessary research prior to making a decision on where to buy their next vehicle. This cutting edge technology along with the ability of understanding, mastering and administering high end Search Engine Optimization for their customer base has put them ahead in the industry making the leader in their field.

About TK Carsites, Inc.
TK Carsites, Inc. is a marketing and technology services company providing online solutions to automotive retailers.  Currently they offer their 1,000+ automotive dealer clients consumer friendly websites, email and search engine marketing programs plus numerous interactive and rich media campaigns and lead generating tools.



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