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High-Line Auto Dealerships Turn Online Chats into Parts and Service Profits

Orlando, FL — ActivEngage, the automotive industry's premier provider of proactive live chat for dealer websites, recently announced that high-line dealerships are turning live chat concierge level service into dealership profits.  Dealerships such as Lexus, BMW, Infiniti and Acura are using proactive live chat to provide the same level of service on their websites that consumers expect in their showrooms, now including the highly profitable parts and service departments.  As consumers begin to expect faster, more interactive service on websites, live chat provides this for an increasing number of high-end dealerships. 

Dealership parts and service pages remain an under utilized component of most dealership websites, in large part due to incomplete information.  With professionally managed live chat, however, these dealership profit centers can now expand online.  McGrath Lexus of Westmont, Orlando Infiniti and Phil Smith Acura are now successfully using live chat to help website visitors answer questions, schedule appointments, get detailed parts information and provide an exceptional level of service.  Proactive live chat lets dealerships turn their websites into a true online marketplace for sales, parts and service, all of which translate into increased dealership profits. 

"We first began using live chat to facilitate vehicle sales, but we've found that its benefits extend beyond car sales," commented Jim Behar, general manager of Phil Smith Acura.  "Just a few days ago, for example, at 8:30 in the morning with our first chat of the day, we sold a set of tires at significant profit.  We are really excited about the level of service ActivEngage offer customers on our website and very pleased with the financial results.  Customers love the convenience it provides for getting details about parts and service."         

Customers at Orlando Infiniti now get updates on service information at the dealership website.  When online, clients simply chat with the dealership representative at the website and receive the requested information within minutes, without changing media.  The enhanced level of service is quickly leading to greater customer loyalty and repeat business.  Service customers can easily find out when their vehicles will be ready and learn when new parts will be available.   

"Our website visitors now use our live chat to purchase warranties, schedule service appointments, and get detailed information about parts, as well as inquire about vehicle purchases," commented Kathy Mallet, Internet sales manager for McGrath Lexus of Westmont.  "We realized the value that live chat could provider our website visitors and tried to manage the chat from within the dealership, but we just didn't have the dedicated resources to maximize its potential.  We began using ActivEngage's concierge service early this August.  Since then, we've literally seen a 300% increase in leads generated from live chat and our customers are pleased with the instant gratification of chat."           

About ActivEngage
ActivEngage’s proprietary business logic was designed in dealerships to meet the needs of sophisticated automotive shoppers. It laser targets each website visitor with the exact right message at the exact right time to get them to take action. The system has been strenuously tested for every type of dealership.  It works because the company founders have over 30 years of retail automotive and technology experience, giving ActivEngage a true 360° understanding of the needs of automotive shoppers. Partnering with ActivEngage increases lead generation and offsets the increasing marketing costs associated with the sale of new and pre-owned automobiles.  ActivEngage offers three tiers of service to ensure that all website visitors' experiences are enjoyable and uncomplicated, thereby increasing the value of dealership websites through better lead generation.



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