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Dealerflow Launches Employee Relationship Management Solution

First Software Focused on Dealer Workforce set to Revolutionize how Dealerships are Managed

Kokomo, IN -- January 27, 2009 -- Dealerflow Corp., an innovative developer of employee-based software for auto dealers, introduced its flagship product Dealerflow at the National Auto Dealers Association convention in New Orleans. “This product release is a milestone for the industry,” said Edward Brown, Dealerflow’s founder and president. “All other major software solutions for dealers focus on cars or customers. But there is a third primary element: employees. Dealerflow is the first company with a comprehensive employee solution.”

“With Dealerflow, dealers and managers can direct, mentor, and dialogue with their people using powerful online content management and messaging tools,” said Brown. “We seamlessly integrated instant messaging with text messaging so our customers can drive sales wherever they are using new communication channels. We also let people set their in-away-out status and see other people’s statuses from a computer or cell phone. This reduces time spent looking for people and increases productivity. These are just a few of the ways we significantly impact dealer operations. Early indications from dealerships using the software are highly positive.”

Dealerflow’s presence at the NADA exposition marks their official launch into their target market. For 2009, in addition to ramping marketing and sales, the company plans to build on their core platform by adding modules for Human Resources and Website Interface.

About Dealerflow Corporation
Dealerflow is the leader in employee relationship management (ERM) software for auto dealers. Based in Kokomo, Indiana, Dealerflow’s solution is built to manage the multi-location dealer groups expanding in the industry. The company designs and develops its software in-house using agile methods and the Ruby on Rails web framework. The software incorporates Web 2.0 technologies including photo directories, people profiles, blogboards, instant messaging, text messaging, calendaring and more. Dealerflow seamlessly weaves the technologies into a framework that models dealer structures with departments, teams, dealerships, and regions, resulting in a powerful yet simple-to-use communication and collaboration platform. Dealers broadly leverage the platform across their sales and fixed operations to build modern, high-performing dealer companies. For more information, please visit or call (765) 236-0622.



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