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Compli Releases Version 5.0

Compli®, the leading provider of on-demand dealership compliance management software for U.S. auto dealers, today announced the release of Version 5.0 of the Compli Dealership Compliance Management System (DCMS). 

Version 5.0 brings new content and features new abilities for administrators to readily manage legal content and automate business processes. Some new features include a sleeker look and feel, making the DCMS even easier to use, a document library which acts as a mini-Intranet, enhanced forms development to manage workflow efficiently and clear step-by-step content configuration for common tasks making administration easier and faster. In addition, the new features of Version 5.0 address over 50 requests from Compli’s customer wish list.

One of the most exciting features of Version 5.0 is the new document library for sharing commonly used manuals, training materials, curriculum and documents with your employees anywhere, 24/7. Think of it as an online reference library of all your company’s commonly reviewed documents. For example, an expense report spreadsheet, a map of emergency exits, OEM CSI program content or a web link to an OEM’s warranty returns website could be uploaded and shared. These new features enable dealers to do away with costly paper manuals, and allow even remote employees access to the most current versions of documentation.

“Since 1.0 was released in late 2002, this newest version represents one of our biggest platform releases to date, covering a wide range of enhancements. Version 5.0 makes the user and admin experience even easier, and it further facilitates new efficiencies and cost savings via additional regulatory compliance automation. Version 5.0 also automates numerous business processes which have been historically performed manually using costly amounts of paper,’‘ said Lon Leneve, President of Compli. “We continue to bring state-of-the-art technology married with expert content to our clients, and we are extremely proud of the job our Development Team has done in executing this powerful product strategy,” concluded Leneve.

With close to 900 dealerships, nearly 46,000 automotive users and dozens of automotive related legal and workflow automation programs, Compli has proven their DCMS eases dealership compliance and allows dealers to enjoy substantial cost savings and streamlined operational benefits. 

The DCMS is an automated compliance solution that incorporates automotive legal content from Subject Matter Experts like Hudson Cook LLP, Fisher & Phillips LLP, EORM and Auto Advisory Services, combined with automated best practices to create turn-key “good faith” compliance programs for automotive dealerships. 
About Compli

Compli is headquartered in Portland, Ore., with regional offices covering Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, South and West territories. Compli is the leading provider of on-demand dealership compliance management software for the U.S. automotive retail industry. The Compli Dealership Compliance Management System (DCMS), allows you to control, track and automate regulatory compliance and other business operations within and across dealerships. Compli's DCMS provides an organized method for efficiently implementing policies, educating your employees, tracking results and demonstrating compliance. 

Dealerships interested in their level of regulatory compliance may receive a free, online Dealership Compliance Assessment (DCA) at
For more information on the Compli DCMS or to arrange a product demonstration, visit or call 1-866-294-5545 toll free.
Compli is a registered trademark of Compli.  All other legal marks are the property of their respective owners.


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