Inventory Management

This category is returning to the DCAs after an appearance in 2006. Response at that time was minimal, as there were very few providers offering these products, and many dealers knew little or nothing of them. What a difference a few years can make. Products like the ones listed here have moved into the mainstream, and dealers have more choices than ever before when it comes to finding the right inventory management program. As the market has changed, carrying costs and inventory turn have become more important than ever. Inventory management, particularly used vehicle inventory management, has become a very precise operation, one made easier with the use of third party products.

Interestingly, the only provider who won an award in 2006 is the same provider to take the Diamond Award this year: DealerTrack’s AAX. At the opening of the awards survey AAX was owned by JMsolutions but was acquired by Dealertrack in January. Tim Zierden, general manager, inventory at DealerTrack had this to say about inventory management, “Now more then ever, dealers tell us they need inventory management tools to help them better manage their used and new vehicle inventories. “We are honored to be recognized as the premier solution that helps dealers turn their inventory faster at higher gross profits.”

The Platinum Award was claimed by vAuto, a company that has been steadily gaining ground for used vehicle inventory management since its inception in 2005. The Gold Award went to ADP’s Pre-Owned Vehicle Analyzer (PVA). Another DealerTrack product, InventoryPro, finished a mere two-tenths of a point behind ADP to take fourth place. Fifth place went to ProMax Online. 

Company Award Score
DealerTrack (AAX) Diamond 120.7
vAuto Platinum 112.7
DealerTrack (Inventory Pro) Gold 103.3
Promax Online 102.9
Group Average      102.0

Vol. 6, Issue 4