Advertising - Direct Mail

Traditionally, direct mail campaigns have a low but reliable response rate. When dollars get tight in the dealership dealers often look for options with lower cost and higher ROI. This year’s group average was the lowest ever, dropping nearly six points from last year and only three providers scored above group average.

One company still delivering results for dealers is the reigning champion and Triple Diamond Award winner, Strategic Marketing. This year’s Diamond Award makes it a five-year winning streak for the company. “Every year when we get the news that we have won, our whole staff gets excited. This is like their report card and it’s exciting to see their reaction,” said Strategic Marketing President Todd Strause. “It truly pushes us to become better and better.”

AutoRevenue, the Double Platinum Award winner, was a clear choice with dealers who are putting more focus than ever on fixed operations. J & L Marketing claimed the Gold Award, and while it’s not the company’s first time with an above-average score, it is it’s first-ever DCA award win.

Company Award Score
Strategic Marketing Diamond 101.2
AutoRevenue Platinum 93.1
J&L Marketing         Gold 90.4
Group Average 88.7

Vol. 6, Issue 4