Desking Software

With finance approvals harder to come by for everyone, desking deals has gotten trickier and deal structure has never been more important. The right desking product can make the process a little less daunting. Despite the current difficulties in getting deals approved, satisfaction levels seem to have gone up in this category.

After a brief stint in fourth place, ProMax Online, returned to the top three with a vengeance, capturing this year’s Diamond Award. “Last year our main goal was to ensure ProMax was intuitive to any desk manager. We’ve had the best functionality for years, so lately we’ve focused on simplicity,” said Shane Born, vice president of sales and training.

DealerTrack repeated last year’s award-winning performance, making them a Double Platinum Award winner, while Reynolds & Reynolds retained a place in the top three, snagging the Gold Award.

Company Award Score
ProMax Online Diamond 118.2
DealerTrack Platinum 108.0
Reynolds & Reynolds Gold 104.0
Group Average 101.5

Vol. 6, Issue 4