Service Contract Provider - Reinsurance

Overall scores in this category were strong; the increase over last year’s group average was the biggest increase seen in this year’s awards. However, only one of 2008’s award winners returned: Portfolio, who won Platinum last year and improved its score by 36 points to win the Diamond Award. Portfolio President Steve Burke, said: “We believe that when a dealer chooses to own a reinsurance program, all aspects of the program should reflect true ownership.”

In only the second year for this category, two new contenders have appeared.  The Platinum Award went to SouthwestRe, the company’s first DCA win, while the Gold Award went to CNA National. CNA is, of course, no stranger to the awards, but this marks its first win in this category.

Company Award Score
Portfolio Diamond 136.7
SouthwestRe Platinum 118.3
CNA National Gold 113.9
Group Average 110.6

Vol. 6, Issue 4