Finance & Insurance Trainer

Compliance is an issue never to be ignored, and dealers want to know they can trust and rely on their trainers to help them avoid litigation. For five years now, two providers have remained at the forefront of this field and each has held the same position in the awards every year.

United Development Systems, Inc. (UDS), a Triple Diamond winner in this category, continued its winning streak with a fifth Diamond Award. UDS President Randy Crisorio emphasized the importance of F&I training: “Executing a compliant working environment takes some effort and training to develop a culture of compliant everyday practices. Employees must know what the rules are and the expectation from ownership, senior management and a suggested watchdog.”

Holding steady for yet another Platinum Award win and earning Triple Platinum status was JM&A Group. For the second year in a row, no other provider was able to score above the group average. In fact, 2007 was the only year to see a Gold Award winner in this category.

Company Award Score
United Development Systems Diamond 128.2
JM&A Group Platinum 112.4
Group Average 112.2

Vol. 6, Issue 4