Internet Trainer

Now in its second year, the category group average saw an increase of more than 13 points. Dealers are becoming more and more aware of how powerful the Internet can be as a tool for increasing their market reach, driving dealership traffic and bringing in profit. And, since the success of a dealership’s Internet department is dependent upon its personnel being properly educated and trained, the effectiveness of an Internet trainer can be crucial to a dealership’s bottom line. This year’s scores reflect this changing attitude as well as a higher level of satisfaction amongst dealers that they’re getting a good value for the dollars spent on Internet training. once again blew away the competition, seizing the Diamond Award and earning a Double Diamond title. “We are impressed with how dedicated [our dealer clients] are to improvement and how hard they work to achieve remarkable results,” remarked David Kain, president of “We find that dealers who make training a daily routine perform at a much higher level than those dealers that make training a monthly or quarterly event.”

The contest for the other top spots was an extremely close one. Automotive Internet Management (AIM), a newcomer to the awards, snagged the Platinum Award by three-tenths of a point. Dealer Synergy took the Gold Award, and awards newbie Mosley Training ranked fourth.

Company Award Score
Kain Automotive Diamond 150.8
Automotive Internet Management Platinum 121.3
Dealer Synergy Gold 121.0
Mosley Training 118.0
Group Average 98.5

Vol. 6, Issue 4