Used Vehicle Internet Lead Provider

There was no one new in this neighborhood, but there were a few address changes. After missing the top spot for the last two years, eBay Motors reclaimed the Diamond Award. As dealers all know, eBay Motors does not directly sell leads, instead their business model is about listing vehicles for sale by auction, but the effect is that dealers generate a large number of highly qualified leads from this process. Dealers do pay for the service even if they do not pay a direct fee per lead.

The race for Platinum and Gold was a close one, but was able to hang on by one-tenth of a point to win the Platinum Award—earning the company Double Platinum status in this category. claimed the Gold Award after finishing in fourth place last year.

Although the classifieds site Craigslist was initially presented as an option, and many dealers are finding success with it, it was removed from the final DCA standings. It was determined that its status as a free listing service made it an unfair comparison to the other providers and would distort the data regarding overall value for dollars spent.

Company Award Score
eBay Motors Diamond 97.6 Platinum 91.2 Gold 91.1
Group Average 90.9

Vol. 6, Issue 4