WEST MIDDLESEX, PA, June 3, 2009 – Remaining Chrysler dealers using AutoSoft International’s uncomplicated, no-contract CRM Traffic COP can quickly and easily import Chrysler’s list of orphaned owners from the Chrysler Marketing Planner and start marketing their dealership to those owners. The list will be available from Chrysler June 9

Dealer Brendan Hurley of Hurley Chrysler-Jeep, Deland, FL, one of five remaining Chrysler dealers in his general area, will have more than 36,000 Chrysler customer records (units in operation) to import from those closed stores and will start building relationships with those customers.

“Without a CRM like Traffic COP to manage these customers there is no way we or any other dealer could properly pursue and follow up with so many potential new customers,” he said. “The ease at which we’re able to access these records means we can start gaining these orphaned customers’ business right away.”

Records import into Traffic COP along with notes that identify the record’s original servicing dealership and contain all necessary customer and vehicle information.

AutoSoft Traffic COP enforces the control and accountability necessary to manage all sales opportunities from any source -- the showroom floor, service drive, phone-ups, advertising media, and online leads across all departments of the dealership. It seamlessly integrates with the AutoSoft DMS.
This CRM gives dealers and their managers complete and deep transparency into every opportunity -- customer by customer, deal by deal, service need by service need, follow up by follow up, day by day.

Traffic COP users cite several key features that deliver performance above other CRM tools they’ve used prior, including:

• Accountability: It provides deep insight into sales personnel call activities to ensure proper follow-up, deal completion and compliance to the sales process.
• Telephony integration: It enables dealers to track effectiveness of phone-up sources and identifies callers already in the DMS so they can be greeted quickly by name with pertinent customer information displayed on-screen.
• Service integration: Alerts sales personnel the day prior when their customers are scheduled for service so the customer can be greeted by the sales person upon arrival in the service drive to strengthen the customer relationship.
AutoSoft COO Charlie Prophet said AutoSoft Traffic COP is ready as well for remaining GM dealers to import orphaned GM owners as soon as GM makes its orphaned owners records available.
For more information, visit www.autosoft-asi.com