Orange, CA, July 22, 2009:  TK Carsites, Inc. announced the launch of their new Search Optimized Banner Ad product, which allows dealer clients to push specific banner ads to website visitors based on the “keywords” they entered into the search engines.

When searching for a dealership online vehicle shoppers can enter a myriad of search terms from the name of a city and manufacturer, a specific model and color, or even the name of a local dealership.  Their goals can vary so providing a dealership with the ability to tailor graphics on their site in the form of banner ads which respond to the specific needs of an online shopper is a major step forward in helping create a more personal experience for the consumer.

Richard Valenta, CEO of TK Carsites, Inc. said, “With our custom administration tool for search optimized banner ads (SOBA), a dealer can set “search keywords” on their banners.  Each image in the banner rotation can have its own set of keywords.  By setting these keywords, the website and TK system will be able to detect which keywords a user may have typed in Google or Yahoo and will display the particular banner ad immediately to the user. This is truly a mechanism by which our customers can market intelligently by means of targeted advertisements to their potential customers.”

Auto dealers have always been able to post banner ads on their sites, but having the ability to create a banner ad that is aware of the terms and keywords that consumers enter on a search engine and then tailoring the graphics presentation based on those terms is truly a revolutionary step which benefits both the dealer and the consumer.

Dealers can include up to 20 images in the banner ad graphics and set specific links to the banner and decide whether they want the link to be popped-up in a new browser or displayed within the same browser. There is even a text area with a custom sized HTML compatible page that allows dealers to create short marketing messages and to quickly announce new programs such as the recently approved Cash for Clunkers Federal Program.  Dealers can even upload a manufacturer’s video, a new vehicle walk-around, or any other compatible YouTube video.

About TK Carsites, Inc.
TK Carsites, Inc. is a marketing and technology services company providing online solutions to automotive retailers. Currently they offer their 1300+ auto dealer clients consumer friendly websites, email and search engine marketing programs along with numerous interactive and rich media campaign strategies.