Special Coding Improves Search Engine Ranking for Local Dealers

 TK Carsites, Inc. has just introduced a real game changer for car dealers posting inventory to their websites and other classified listing locations.  With millions of vehicles online every day, dealers need to find ways to get their inventory to stand out with online auto shoppers.  When using the TK Carsites Power Indexed Inventory Solution, visibility is maximized for both consumers and the search engines. 

 URLs, content, and metatags are targeted for geography, make, and model in a way that makes them rank at the top for local shoppers looking for particular vehicles.  Once the inventory item is sold, the page remains active for an extended period of time. It offers alternative selections for consumers that visit from the search engines so their clicks are not wasted.

 Jim Bradford, President of TK Carsites, Inc. said, “With our unique page design structure, it means search engines will consider Power Indexed Inventory pages credible and that will result in better ranking position.  And, perhaps more importantly, they will continue to index the inventory because of the lack of continuous redirects that plague other inventory solutions.” Jim continued, “Let’s face it, when it comes to the Internet, dealers are facing a moving target everyday and at TK Carsites we continually work to find ways to help our dealer clients stand out from their competition.” 

 After inventory items have "run their course" they become 301 Permanent redirects, the only redirect prescribed by Google in this situation. This, too, is unique in the industry and will transfer accumulated SEO value to the new target pages.  Unlike other inventory solutions, Power Indexed Inventory becomes stronger the longer it is used.  Sold vehicles are no longer a detriment in the eyes of the search engine algorithms.  This is just one product in a full suite of products and services that TK Carsites offers to auto retailers. 

 About TK Carsites, Inc.
TK Carsites, Inc. is a marketing and technology services company providing online solutions to automotive retailers. Currently they offer their 1300+ auto dealer clients consumer friendly websites, email and search engine marketing programs along with numerous interactive and rich media campaign strategies. www.tkcarsites.com.