Superior Integrated Solutions (, the market leader in the programming and integration of ADP and Reynolds and Reynolds dealer management systems for auto dealers with over 4,500 integration points throughout the U.S., today announced that it has joined and is a strong supporter of Open Secure Access (OSA) ( OSA is a consortium of companies consisting of dealer groups, dealer software suppliers, and dealer services providers who believe dealers have the right to control who accesses their data and how their data is used.

 “As an industry leader in DMS programming and integration for retail automotive dealers, Superior Integrated Solutions recognizes that dealers need to be able to control the access of their data,” said Greg Collins, Open Secure Access Executive Director. “We are pleased to have Superior’s support for an open, secure dealership data environment.”

  OSA and its members support an environment where dealers control how their data is accessed and used, and that industry participants should work together to ensure that data remains secure. OSA believes that companies and service providers that have dealership permission should be able to access data through their own efforts or through the services of an independent company.

  “Since its inception, OSA has made an impact in automotive retail. It has helped the industry focus on some critically important issues and pushed for an industry discussion of those issues.  Looking ahead, OSA has both great opportunities and great challenges and we are proud to support its mission,” commented Phillip Battista, Superior Integrated Solutions CEO.

“Dealers need the flexibility to choose best-in-class solutions and control which vendors have access to their data sets,” Battista added.

 About Open Secure Access, Inc. (

OSA is non-profit industry education organization, committed to promoting open, secure access to dealership data. Its objectives are to raise awareness of issues impacting the availability and security of data access, and to educate industry participants on best practices and approaches.

Open Secure Access was formed in March 2006 to promote a technology environment that includes keeping data safe and secure. Its data protocol goals include giving data access only to partners designated by dealers, keeping access to that data dealer driven to ensure that dealers can choose partners that provide the greatest opportunity to increase revenue, and keeping data access cost effective by minimizing data extraction and integration costs while keeping the quality and freshness of data high. To learn more, visit

 About Superior Integrated Solutions: (

Superior Integrated Solutions specializes in the programming and integration of ADP and Reynolds & Reynolds dealer management systems.

Superior offers in-house custom development services including F&I, accounting,  service and parts and currently represents 50% of the top 20 dealer groups in the nation, with an overall client turnover of less than 2%.
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