VehicleXpress today announces their partnership with Interstate National Dealer Services to offer a Missed Opportunity Program (MOPS) to dealers registered with the VehicleXpress DMS platform.  Dealers will be able to participate as a way to create additional revenue opportunities and allow Interstate the opportunity to offer extended warranty packages to their customers. Independent auto dealers will now have access to warranty programs previously available to top franchise dealers only.

 The MOPS program will not take the place of warranty packages already being offered by dealers through existing relationships. This program comes into play when a customer leaves without a warranty from the dealer. Interstate will contact the vehicle buyer 2-5 days after the sale with alternate warranty packages and payment terms to allow those buyers who have had “second thoughts” after leaving the dealership, to still get extended coverage.

 “This partnership is a great opportunity for independent auto dealers to gain access to warranty packages they previously missed out on. It can also bring in additional revenue and provide their customers an added level of reassurance that their vehicle will be covered during the entire payoff schedule,” said Michael Burgholzer, Interstate VP Dealer Development. “It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.”

 “Dealers joining this program will see savings in the form of reduced rates for monthly support, and also in the form of greater customer loyalty as buyers take advantage of the program,” said Timothy Macknik, VehicleXpress Vice President “access to the upper tier of warranty programs is a great benefit for our dealers.”

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VehicleXpress is a leading provider of a web-based, dealer management system. Its patent-pending solution provides all the tools and documentation that auto dealers need to control operations in their dealership from one location or multiple locations. For more information or to register, go to or call 866-447-0462.

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Since 1980, Interstate has been a leading provider of service contract and extended warranty programs. We are proud to say that Forbes Magazine has recognized us as one of the Top 200 Best Small Companies in America for three consecutive years. Interstate continues to be a market leader by continually pioneering new technologies, exceeding expectations, and providing value to our partners and customers.