Satisfaction High with All Aspects of Newly Introduced Program

Dealix, a division of Cobalt and the leading provider of quality sales leads from independent auto sites, announced today that its customers - the nation's auto dealers - have quickly adopted its new Quality Pledge and Hassle Free Lead Return Program. The program was announced on September 2nd and, in the first six weeks of availability, over 700 dealers signed up for the service, which is provided at no charge. A survey of participating dealers reported high satisfaction with the program mechanics as well as confidence that the Quality Pledge will improve their business results.

"Program adoption has exceeded our expectations," said Egon Smola, Dealix vice president of product and business operations. "Our customers are using Hassle Free Lead Return to focus on sales during the month versus credits at month's end. The real-time feedback we are getting is allowing us to adjust and improve lead supply faster than ever before."

With the Dealix Quality Pledge, Dealix defines a valid lead as one that meets the following criteria:

*       Represents an active, in-market consumer.
*       Contains a working telephone number for the person who submitted the
*       Originates from an adult who is 18 years of age or older.
*       Is not a duplicate of a lead provided by Dealix in the past 30 days.

*       Is not a duplicate of a lead previously delivered by a source other
than Dealix within the 30 days prior to the receipt of the Dealix lead.

Hassle Free Lead Return allows dealers to identify any leads they believe fail one or more of the Dealix Quality Pledge criteria and return those leads to Dealix. Personnel from the Dealix Quality Team will review each lead return and confirm eligibility within three business days. The dealer will be informed in the event the returned lead is confirmed to meet the Quality Pledge criteria. For example, if the Team is able to contact a consumer whom the dealer could not, the dealer is immediately notified that the consumer is contactable and represents a sales opportunity. When a lead return is validated, the charge is taken off the dealer's bill and the lead is replaced, when possible, with a new lead. As a result, dealers who make use of the program are able to work with more sellable leads during the month.

High Level of Dealer Satisfaction

In order to measure customers' satisfaction with Hassle Free Lead Return, Dealix surveyed all dealers who have used it. Dealers' responses indicated high satisfaction with program's execution and ease of use.

.         82% of respondents found the process of returning leads to be very easy or easy.

.         87% were satisfied with the speed of lead verification.
.         88% said they would continue to use the program.
In addition, the participating dealers expressed confidence that the Dealix Quality Pledge and Hassle Free Lead Return will save time, increase lead volume, and boost sales.

.         88% said Hassle Free Lead Return will free up resources at their
dealerships because they won't have to spend time processing credits at the
end of the month.

.         79% believe they will sell more cars with the program because it will enable them to maximize the quantity of high quality leads they receive throughout the month.

"Our dealership was one of the first adopters of the program," said David Meeks, Internet sales manager for New Smyrna Chevrolet Chrysler Dodge Jeep of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. "Dealix has been very proactive in their processes and follow up to ensure lead quality, and they have certainly made it easier for dealers to focus on contacting and selling leads."

For details on the study, send an email to [email protected] To learn more about the Dealix Quality Pledge, please call (877) 791-2074.

About Dealix
Dealix, a division of Cobalt, is the world's leading provider of quality leads for new <>  and used cars <>  for dealerships, dealer groups, and automotive manufacturers. Dealix is the only Internet marketing company that backs its new and used car leads with the Dealix Quality PledgeTM: a distinct set of criteria that defines a quality lead and an invitation to use Hassle Free Lead ReturnTM if a lead lacks any one of those criteria. The company can offer this Pledge because it has the broadest reach and the highest quality lead supply network in the industry, including Yahoo! Autos, Kelley Blue Book,, AOL Autos, MSN Autos, and others. Dealix powers the dealer selector and price quote platforms on Yahoo! Autos, AOL Autos, MSN Autos, and NADA Guides; represents Edmunds' Premier Dealer Program; and places dealers' used inventory in the Kelley Blue Book Trusted MarketplaceSM. Dealix connects dealers with the millions of car shoppers who prefer independent Internet sites when shopping for new cars <>  and used cars online <> Dealix's all new Leads Platform quickly matches thousands of serious new and used vehicle buyers to the most appropriate dealers daily, delivering a quality car buying experience for consumers and providing dealers with one of the most efficient methods available today for marketing and selling cars.