HomeNet Automotive, the premier online inventory marketing solutions provider for automobile dealerships, today announced a partnership with Decisionlinks, a leader in predictive lead management solutions.  This joint venture will enable dealers to align inventory levels to market demand, convert more sales, acquire better leads, and more effectively meet the needs of prospective buyers.

Decisionlinks’ TeaLeades platform is seamlessly integrated into HomeNet’s Inventory Online (IOL) Analytics Suite, which facilitates the listing of inventory for over 15,000 automobile dealerships nationwide, delivering actionable analytics to automotive dealers and manufacturers.

“Profitability boils down to matching supply to demand.  Our lead-centric solutions align early demand signals from the marketplace with the dealer’s actual inventory, helping dealers to find more quality leads, reduce vehicle-days supply, and ultimately convert more sales,” explains Decisionlinks’ President, David Bailey. “And on the supply side, HomeNet manages a very deep mine of rich vehicle data across its vast network of dealers.  This new intersection of dealer sales, lead, and inventory data is a game changer for everyone in the auto business.”

Decisionlinks has linked relevant decisions for financial institutions, credit bureaus, and other data-driven industries.  Decisionlinks systems have been supporting lead management and marketing automation solutions for over a decade.  

“We’re excited to leverage our years of expertise and market-tested systems optimizing automotive business intelligence by connecting all data points for dealers,” adds DecisionLink’s CTO, Buddy Murphy.

Andy McBride, VP of Business Development for HomeNet, adds, “Partnering with DecisionLinks allows HomeNet customers to sharpen their understanding of each prospect beyond anything imaginable today.  “With this depth of analytical sophistication, dealers can now manage their prospects with far more precision, selling more cars sooner while saving money and time as a result.  I call it ‘instant data gratification.’”

About DecisionLinks: 

DecisionLinks delivers actionable intelligence from a sea of data providing automation for virtually all processing functions.  DecisionLinks predictive lead intelligence system, TeaLeades, passively connect to customer transactional data. TeaLeades appends data, measures transactions, models all inputs, dynamically adjusting to market changes, in real-time. Deliverables include lead scoring/data enhancement for sales, targeted segmentation for advertisers, business insights for management, and lead buy optimization for operations.  For more information visit www.decisionlinks.com or call 512-692-9482.

About HomeNet Automotive: 
HomeNet’s Inventory Online (IOL) Internet Marketing Suite is a vehicle marketing solution that helps thousands of automotive dealers to sell more cars online.  IOL’s web-based applications streamline the process of converting raw DMS data into consumer-friendly and emotional online ads.  IOL offers rich functionality for video, search engine optimized (SEO) vehicle display pages, price analysis, unlimited photos, text messaging, email ads, automated distribution to 3rd-party services like eBay, Craigslist, and Oodle, mobile lot management, and more.   IOL quickly turns every vehicle on the lot into a compelling, online point-of-presence… and a gateway into the showroom.  HomeNet is a private company based in West Chester, PA with offices across the U.S.   For more information, visit www.homenetauto.com, [email protected], or call 877-738-3313.