Savvy Consumers Demand Faster Response Times for Quotes

ResponseLogix, Inc., the leading provider of automotive digital response management software for internet leads, today released the results of a customer survey that shows internet sales are expected to become even more dominant in terms of the percentage of total dealership sales. Half of the dealerships surveyed expect internet sales to represent more than 30 percent of their total car sales this year.

In another interesting finding, the survey revealed dealers believe that consumers are expecting ever faster response times on requests for quotes.  Whereas in 2009, 46 percent of respondents believed their customers sought a price quote in 10 minutes or less, 67 percent of respondents (an increase of 45 percent) believe consumers will have this expectation in 2010.  A whopping 96 percent of respondents say that car shoppers in 2010 will be unwilling to wait more than one hour for a quote.

“Today, the internet has empowered consumers to expect instantaneous information at their fingertips. Car shoppers demand information that is comprehensive, detailed and directly responsive to the questions they posed,” said Tom Mohr, CEO of ResponseLogix. “Our customers realize that by creating a favorable first impression with the car buyer, they will jump ahead of their competitors, increasing sales at their expense.”

Some 41 percent more dealers predicted that internet sales will represent at least 30 percent of their business during 2010 as compared to their 2009 sales.  Looking into 2010, 49 percent of respondents project that sales will comprise over 30 percent of their total car sales as compared to only 35 percent who indicated that internet sales represent one third of their business last year.

Auto dealers stated in written comments that the most important challenges facing them this year include converting more leads into sales, realizing better results from the internet, and staying ahead of their competition.

About ResponseLogix, Inc.

ResponseLogix is a pioneer in the emerging category of Digital Response Management (DRM), leading the industry with a marketing solution suite that enables dealers to maximize sales from internet leads.  ResponseLogix helps dealers solve the top three challenges facing their internet sales departments: the speed and quality of the initial response to internet leads, the impact and consistency of ongoing follow-up, and the effectiveness of the internet team’s live communication with the customer.  No other solution provides dealers with a proven, robust marketing solution that delivers such significant increases in the conversion of internet leads to sales.

ResponseLogix delivers software as a service (SaaS) technology to auto dealers that engages the customer early in the car buying process and then propels them toward purchase. SmartQuote® delivers a relevant quote response within 10 minutes of internet lead receipt 95% of the time.  SmartFollow® automatically follows-up and reactivates leads if the customer doesn’t buy right away.  SmartFacts® delivers powerful analytics to help optimize the performance of Internet sales departments.  ResponseLogix products are available in 40 US markets for Toyota, Ford, Lincoln-Mercury, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Honda, Lexus, Audi, Acura, Nissan, Infiniti and Hyundai dealers across the US.  Additional OEM’s will be supported soon.  Additional information is available at http://www.responselogix.com.