James A. Ziegler, president/CEO of Ziegler SuperSystems, Inc. Snellville, Georgia, announced today that his company has entered into an agreement with TK Worldwide, Inc. a Florida corporation, to offer a wide range of advanced recruiting and training services for variable operations in the retail automobile industry.

TK Worldwide, Inc. has traditionally offered recruiting, training, and recruitment advertising for automobile dealership sales departments. Now, with the combined expertise of both established companies, TK Worldwide will also offer recruiting and training on the Ziegler SuperSystem R to Ziegler clients, as well as non-Ziegler Clients, or potential future Ziegler clients upon request. TK has fielded an elite team of Ziegler certified trainers exclusively for this project.

James A. Ziegler, CSP is an "iconic" celebrity speaker in retail automotive as well as a nationally acclaimed columnist in Dealer Magazine. With over thirty-four years in retail automotive as a salesman and record-setting manager, Ziegler has a reputation with dealers and manufacturers for dramatically increasing sales, success, and profits with high-integrity.

The Ziegler SuperSystems method of retailing automobiles is a cutting edge, detailed, and specific method of selling in an ethical, customer-friendly and extremely effective way. Ziegler SuperSystems has gained national recognition, as well as the endorsement of every dealer who has effectively installed this system.

Kevin Bradberry, president/CEO of TK Worldwide, Inc. Tampa, Florida, said. "Our relationship with Jim Ziegler and Ziegler SuperSystems is the final piece to a puzzle many dealerships have been looking for.  Now, coupled with our ability to recruit top-quality sales applicants, is our ability to provide non-Ziegler dealer clients with a true look at the Ziegler selling process without a full commitment to Jim's program. In addition of course our Ziegler Clients will be able to recruit new hires and have them indoctrinated into the Ziegler SuperSystems before they ever hit the floor! This is HUGE! Because when dealers hire outside salespeople with previous experience the transition to their specific process can be met with much resistance, thus causing their process to be diluted each time they hire. However, if you continue to infuse the dealership with new hires who know ONLY one way to sell, your process is not only sustained, but made stronger. By default, the dealer will increase the effectiveness of the process he or she has already indorsed in their dealership(s). It has always been about people and process! Now, you can get the best of both at the same time!"
Kevin Bradberry