Customized reports will be available on demand

Cross-Sell, the leading provider of market analysis reports for automotive dealers and a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, has announced that it will launch online report access and customized, on-demand reports for its auto dealer clients.

Cross-Sell customers will soon be able to establish online accounts that feature data query capabilities.  Each online account will house six months of data, and an online data management tool will make it possible for users to build custom reports.  The reports will display specific information such as VIN, selling dealer name, vehicle make name, vehicle model name and year, buyer city and zip code, and report month.  The information is organized by location based on a defined set of zip codes or a radius around a specific zip code.

“Our customers will now be able to build special reports on demand,” said Sean Conley, general manager of Cross-Sell.  “This feature allows the dealers to stay on top of any number of trends affecting their market and helps keep them one step ahead of the competition.  Day or night, at the office or at the auction, Cross-Sell customers can always get the information they need to make better informed decisions.”

In addition, all Cross-Sell customers will be able to access their monthly market analysis reports through a secure, online account.  This newest delivery option makes it easier and more convenient for users to receive their data and further improves the timeliness of their monthly reports.  The online account system also enables Cross-Sell customers to organize and house their reports in a single location.

Cross-Sell will be an exhibitor at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) convention.  As part of this year’s show in Orlando, Feb. 13-15, Cross-Sell representatives will showcase the new online data query tool as well as the entire line of market analysis and reporting tools.  Cross-Sell can be found in the Dominion Dealer Solutions booth, #427.  

About Cross-Sell
Cross-Sell is the automotive industry’s leading provider of market analysis reports.  Cross-Sell helps companies make better inventory decisions, develop effective selling strategies, and find additional finance sources by delivering over 5,000 fully customized vehicle market intelligence reports each month. For over 20 years, auto dealers, financial institutions, and media firms have relied on Cross-Sell for the most current, accurate vehicle sales and auto loan statistics.  For more information, visit

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