Autobase, Inc., the premier provider in automotive CRM for auto dealers nationwide, and a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, today announced the release of Mobile Response technology.  

This upgrade to the existing lead management capabilities in Autobase CRM was originally designed to help GM dealers comply with the new General Motors Standards for Excellence (SFE).  The Mobile Response technology works on Internet-enabled mobile phones and gives dealership personnel  the ability to view the lead, select a method of response, store the record in the Autobase CRM, send the lead disposition data to the OEM, and “stop the clock” by responding to leads within GM’s desired two-hour window.

Jeff Keller, general manager at Kocourek Chevrolet in Wausa, Wis., explains, “For us, the move Autobase made in developing a mobile response process wasn’t just a matter of manufacturer compliance.  It meant giving us the tools to jump from a 17-hour average response time to under two hours within GM’s 24-hour clock policy.  Not only do these guys understand CRM, they understand what a dealership needs to succeed in changing times, and they’re making it happen.”

Bryan Anderson, general manager and founder of Autobase, explained, “As more consumers move to mobile means of communication, we want to help our dealers experience real success in their lead management process.  Our GM dealers, who use this technology to take advantage of benefits offered through GM’s SFE program, are just the first to harness our all-new Mobile Response technology.”

The Mobile Response platform was built to receive and process leads from any OEM, creating a lasting value for any Autobase dealer, regardless of their franchise.

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