Featuring Video Content Delivery at NADA

Autobase, Inc., the premier provider in automotive CRM for auto dealers nationwide, and a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, today announced that it will release Market Center, an all-new campaign management solution and AutoStream, a video content delivery tool, at NADA 2010.

Market Center organizes and tracks the efforts of conventional campaign tools, namely direct mail and scheduled calls, with the newest methods, including fully-illustrated e-mail Web-ads, automated voice messaging, and SMS text messaging to create impromptu, ad hoc campaigns.  Dealers have the ability to create multiple niche campaigns, targeting smaller groups of customers through preferred channels. Dealers also can design specific exclusions when customers are already targeted by other concurrent or recent marketing efforts, minimizing opt-outs and the overall cost of campaigns.

“There’s no question that dealers are making the move from costly, less-effective, conventional advertising to permission-based e-mail, voice and text messaging.  With Market Center, dealers marry the power and simplicity of Autobase CRM with the advantages of measuring ROI from their multi-channel campaigns,” said Bryan Anderson, general manager and founder of Autobase.

Market Center Reporting quantifies the total number of touches for each campaign, as well as the average number for each targeted customer.  The campaign ROI is calculated as well, assisting the dealership in its future efforts to refine its marketing strategies. Calendar views help dealerships track their overall marketing efforts, showing each component of every campaign, and indicating the days when little or nothing is going out to the existing customer base.

Market Center will feature an all-new video content delivery tool for auto dealers, AutoStream, AutoStream offers dealerships a state-of-the-art framework for creating and delivering custom and dynamic video e-mails.  Supported by the world's most robust and scalable content delivery network (CDN) via Limelight Networks, AutoStream delivers the best possible video experience to smartphones, widgets, set-top boxes, and other emerging devices, opening up a new range of possibilities for today’s forward-thinking dealerships.  

Ease-of-use was a chief consideration when designing AutoStream. Dealers can shoot video in virtually any format and AutoStream will automatically encode it for efficient video streaming.  The video content management system (VCMS) organizes a dealer’s videos in a single place, regardless of where the content is distributed—be it a dealership Web site, blog, or on one of many social networking sites.  AutoStream intelligently converts the video to the proper file size and type for hassle-free delivery to practically any mobile device, avoiding issues associated with Web browsers and security settings.

AutoStream comes with full reporting capabilities and graphical usage statistics so dealers know who is watching, for how long, and from what Web site. The latest in video search engine optimization (VSEO) is also embedded in every video distributed.

The 2010 release of Market Center follows Autobase’s 2008 launch of Managed Marketing Services as part of its Autobase Business Solutions (ABS) offering.  Managed Marketing Services delivers an enhanced level of CRM partnership, incorporating the marketing expertise, agency-level support, and product knowledge of a personalized ABS business consultant.

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