Dealer Specialties, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions and the nation’s largest provider of comprehensive inventory management solutions, websites and marketing tools, is celebrating 20 years of industry leading professional services.

The inception of Dealer Specialties began as Thanksgiving dinner conversation in 1989 between brothers Mike and Jack Nenni. They had the vision, determination and entrepreneurial spirit to start a business to comply with FTC buyer’s guide law and develop a software program that would store detailed used vehicle data - make, model, mileage, engine specs, sale price, features and options - into a laptop computer. This data became the infrastructure to support used vehicle window sticker marketing.

Mike capitalized on his industry experience in the commercial printing business and began running a window sticker route in the Raleigh, N.C. area. He proved the idea worked and envisioned taking it national by selling franchises in every major market in the country.  That's exactly what happened - and then some.

"If new cars come equipped with professional window stickers detailing features and options, why shouldn't used cars and trucks get the same treatment?" said Mike Nenni. "Windshield soap writing did not help the used car industry in its effort to upgrade the professionalism of the entire buying process."

The Nenni brothers kept their pulse on the industry and in the early 90’s, Dealer Specialties introduced photos to accommodate the vehicle data collected and for uploading vehicle advertisements to local newspapers, trade publications and the dealer’s website. “Back in the early 1990’s we didn’t imagine how the internet would transform our business.” said George Nenni, vice president of Dealer Specialties. “As we shipped hundreds of digital cameras and modems to our window sticker installers, we re-invented our business into one of the first web marketing companies.”  This business model was revolutionary!  

By recognizing the coming impact of the Internet in the mid-90’s, Dealer Specialties continued reinvent the used vehicle marketing space.  The company has grown dramatically from a franchise driven window sticker only company to a simple, powerful solutions company that provides inventory management, website options and internet marketing tools for dealers who want to manage their own inventory or have Dealer Specialties professionally trained consultants do it for them.  

“When our conversations began about Dealer Specialties coming to fruition, our vision was to provide used car dealers with a similar window sticker as new vehicles but more professional than window soap. Dealers embraced it and we expanded our franchise operations into major cities across the country. Engaging in conversations with our customers to identify what their inventory needs are and what they need to increase traffic to their storefront is what helped Dealer Specialties grow into the organization it is today.” says George Nenni. “Our passion in doing business with dealers is demonstrated every day through our people. We thank all our customers for helping us reach this major milestone.”  

Dealer Specialties has grown from 1 customer in 1989 to over 8,000 customers in 2009 across 48 states. The customer base is comprised of independent and franchise dealers of which on-the-lot services is supported by 60% of franchise customers. The key to being successful is diversifying products that fit the changing business needs of customers.  Dealer Specialties continues to be the largest data collection, photo and inventory management solutions company in the industry, through its franchise and company owned store channels.

The co-founders of Dealer Specialties Inc. of Monroe, Ohio, built a powerful marketing program for pre-owned vehicles on a very simple idea: window stickers.  Today, the Nenni brothers have much to be thankful for.  Dealer Specialties has expanded into an industry leading inventory management and marketing solutions provider.  Dealers across the country choose to do business with Dealer Specialties as a result of the comprehensive suite of products and services that meet their changing business needs.

Dealer Specialties' industry leadership has continued to evolve since it was acquired by Dominion Enterprises in January 2000.

Today, Dealer Specialties has more than 600 representatives in 48 states, over 8,000 dealership customers, and over 700,000 vehicles with window stickers produced monthly.

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About Dealer Specialties
Dealer Specialties, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, is the nation's leading provider of vehicle data collection, image generation, window labeling services and inventory management and marketing. Providing both full-serve and self-serve solutions, Dealer Specialties has the industry's largest Internet distribution channel including,, eBay Motors,, Craigslist,, YouTube and more.

Dealerships across the country rely on Dealer Specialties to help manage and market their vehicle inventory. Dealer Specialties is a designated supplier of certified window stickers for General Motors, Acura, Honda, Toyota and Lexus; is a Value Added Reseller for the National Automotive Dealers Association; and has built a vast network of the most knowledgeable and responsive service consultants in the USA. For more information, visit .

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