Dealer Specialties, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions and the nation’s largest provider of comprehensive inventory management solutions, websites and marketing tools, today announced the launch of Mobile Marketing Solutions.

The Mobile Marketing Solutions program is a mobile website and text messaging lead generator for car dealers who want to reach ready-to-buy shoppers. The program delivers an informed and relevant lead to the dealership resulting in a more profitable and faster sale. The launch of this program marks a pivotal point in how dealerships promote their inventory and is easily integrated into an existing marketing strategy.

“We are very excited about the addition of a mobile solutions offering for automotive retailers. We are launching an innovative and accountable marketing solution during a time when the industry is evaluating where their marketing dollars are spent,” says Al Hess, general manager of Dealer Specialties sales and operations. “This mobile and lead generating marketing tool is a natural extension to the current line of marketing offerings from Dealer Specialties. We believe our customers will enjoy the simplicity the tool offers, the integration of online and mobile platforms and the overall value our offer will deliver.”

The Dealer Specialties Mobile Marketing Solution includes three options 1) a mobile inventory website, 2) a mobile inventory website with up to four text messaging keywords, and 3) a mobile inventory website with up to eight text messaging keywords – an option for dealerships with a comprehensive marketing strategy who want the ability to track multiple brands, marketing programs and all of its advertising dollars.

Opt-in shoppers realize the benefits of on-demand access to vehicle photos, vehicle details, e-brochures and dealer contact information in a mobile environment according to their preferences.  These buyers are willing to build a one-on-one connection that utilizes their phone number and email for more targeted marketing campaigns. The benefit to a dealership in creating a personal marketing list is that it helps enhance long-term customer relationships. The benefit to a consumer to opt-in is that the consumer will receive information more pertinent to his or her interests.  And unlike many online marketing efforts, both products are easy to monitor with online access to lead reports and mobile website analytics.  “Dealers who want to reach on-the-go consumers who prefer to shop mobile and communicate via texting are encouraged to participate in this program. The mobile and texting demographics clearly point to an opportunity automotive retailers can benefit from today,” says Hess
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Dealer Specialties, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, is the nation's leading provider of a comprehensive suite of inventory management solutions, dealer websites and internet marketing. Providing full-serve and self-serve solutions to dealers growing and changing business needs, Dealer Specialties provides real-time inventory updates, and inventory marketing on the industry's largest online distribution network including,, eBay Motors,  Craigslist,, Google, YouTube and many others.

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