Used Vehicle Internet Lead Provider

Similar to the New Vehicle Internet Lead category, the group average and individual scores were higher this year. Of course, it is reasonable to consider the possibility that dealers tend to feel more satisfied with their lead provider when they are able to get more deals bought, so the freeing-up of capital in the financing market might have positively influenced dealer sentiment toward their lead providers. Interestingly, the top three companies last year returned to their same positions this year.

Double Diamond Award winner eBay Motors took the category by a margin of almost six points. “We’ve done quite a bit in the past year, including adding free vehicle history reports from Experian to the site. This helps bring an unmatched trust factor to eBay Motors and also helps dealers save costs, since we provide the reports free of charge,” said Nicolas Franchet, eBay Motors’ senior director. “Our relationship with the dealer community is hugely important to eBay Motors, so we greatly appreciate their recognition as a top lead generator and sales driver for the second year in a row.”

Earning Triple Platinum status this year was, demonstrating dealers’ continued trust in the lead provider. “Our customers count on us to help them engage shoppers and fully merchandise their inventory,” said Michael Page,’s vice president of advertising products. “It's especially gratifying to know our customers consistently recognize us for delivering on our commitment to them and their business.”

Not far behind was Double Gold winner, a company which has scored above average in this category every year and won awards in all years but one. For the second year in a row, these three providers have completely dominated this category; no other provider scored above average.

Company Award Score
eBay Motors Diamond 101.7 Platinum 95.9 Gold 94.7
Group Average 94.6

Vol. 7, Issue 4