Special Finance Lead Provider

The average score in the Special Finance Lead Provider category jumped almost 10 points, to 97 (the highest in three years). The results of the SF Lead Provider category illuminate an uptick in dealers’ satisfaction in the SF market.

In late 2008 into 2009, many finance institutions pulled back their SF business or pulled out of SF altogether, resulting in fewer SF leads closed. As a result, the SF Lead Provider category saw the lowest average scores in awards history in 2008 and 2009. In recent months, there’s been feedback from dealers about the SF market opening back up, and the rise in scores in this category confirms that.

Also worthy of note is that the three award-winning companies netted scores over 100, which hasn’t been achieved since 2006—a testament to the satisfaction their dealers feel. Another reason for the increases in scores may be due to improvement in the quality of SF leads through more rigorous filtering and the creation of credit-scored lead programs.

Winning the Diamond Award is first-time award winner, Auto-Pro Network. CEO Steve Ridenour said, “I believe the award has a more significant meaning now, considering the economy and the downturn in the industry … It's hard not be pleased and excited when customers see you as the best in the field and continue to place their faith and trust in us.”

The Platinum Award winner, Interactive Financial Marketing Group, returned to claim a top spot. The company was also an award-winner in 2005, 2006 and 2007. The other newbie in this category was Auto Credit Express, the Gold Award winner, which scored 100.4. Three other companies scored above average in this category—Adtel, Autobytel (Car.com) and blueSky Marketing.

Company Award Score
Auto-Pro Network Diamond 104.4
Interactive Financial Marketing Group Platinum 102.6
Auto Credit Express Gold 100.4
Adtel 98.8
Autobytel (Car.com) 98.5
blueSky Marketing 98.3
Group Average 97.0

Vol. 7, Issue 4