Web Site Design Provider

In the ever-changing Internet realm, dealers expect a lot from a Web provider. They regularly express their satisfaction in the Dealers’ Choice Awards for three particular providers, as evidenced by the same three companies winning awards for the past three years.  This year, however, dealers voted in a new Diamond Award winner, Dealer.com.

While Dealer.com has been an award winner every year except one, 2010 marks the company’s first year in the top spot. “We believe that one of the biggest challenges facing dealers today is the speed in which technology evolves. It's important to keep up with the pace of play in technology without losing sight of the basic fundamentals that make a strong dealership digital marketing presence,” said Mike DeCecco, director of industry relations at Dealer.com.

Not far behind Dealer.com was eBizAutos, the Platinum Award winner. Securing the Platinum Award this year garners eBizAutos the prestigious title of Triple Platinum winner. Another perennial favorite is TK Carsites with the Gold Award in 2010. TK Carsites is the only web site design provider to win an award every year of the Dealers’ Choice Awards. “It is an honor to be selected as the best in the industry year after year. The great thing is being selected by the very dealers we serve,” said Richard Valenta, CEO of TK Carsites.

Company Award Score
Dealer.com Diamond 112.5
eBizAutos Platinum 111.9
TK Carsites Gold 97.5
Group Average 97.4

Vol. 7, Issue 4