Sales Trainer

Only two companies scored high enough to beat the group average this year, and both were in the top spots in last year’s awards. Taking home the Diamond Award for the second consecutive year is Double Diamond Award winner, the Joe Verde Group. Another accolade for this company is that it’s the only sales training company that has won an award every year since the awards’ inception in 2005.

President Joe Verde said, “Our training, sales and support departments talk to over 500 dealerships every day. We know what’s happening today, so we can immediately update our workshops and virtual training courses to address today’s buyers in today’s new car business.”

Reclaiming the Platinum Award for Sales Trainer this year was the Cardone Group, garnering the company Double Platinum status. The Cardone Group has won an award in the Sales Trainer category annually since 2006. “It is a great honor to be recognized … To us, the Platinum Dealers’ Choice Award means that our dealer partners are receiving the value, knowledge and experiences they need from our training,” said Scott Morgan, president of the Cardone Group.

Company Award Score
Joe Verde Group Diamond 116.6
The Cardone Group Platinum 114.0
Group Average 110.1

Vol. 7, Issue 4