F&I Trainer

Similar to the Sales Trainer category, the F&I Trainer category has had a regular winner since the awards began. For the sixth consecutive year United Development Systems (UDS) has won the Diamond Award, scoring its highest score yet this year with 132.7 (more than 18 points higher than the group average) and maintaining its Triple Diamond status.  Randy Crisorio, president of UDS, said, “Winning the top spot for F&I Training for the sixth year is a tribute to the consistent delivery of F&I training fundamentals, which have enhanced the lives of many.”

Each year, at least one surprise comes from the Dealers’ Choice Award in the form of a write-in winner (meaning the dealers had to select “Other” on the survey and actually write in the company’s name). This year’s write-in winner is IPS Agency, which took the Platinum Award in the F&I Trainer category. IPS Agency managed to score more than 11 points higher than average thanks to its satisfied dealers casting their votes. President Shari Vance said, “Good relationships are created when two parties have mutually high levels of respect for one another. Earning respect has always been a focal point of ours at IPS Agency, and we accomplish this through superior teaching and training.”

Another newcomer, Resource Automotive, earned the Gold Award this year. Like the other award winners in the F&I Trainer category, Resource Automotive’s score, 124.4, was substantially higher than the group average of 114.3.

Company Award Score
United Development Systems (UDS) Diamond 132.7
IPS Agency Platinum 125.7
Resource Automotive Gold 124.4
Group Average 114.3

Vol. 7, Issue 4