Desking Software

Over the past few years, the Desking Software category has been dominated by the same three companies. DealerTrack has won an award in this category every year since 2007 and took home the Diamond Award for 2010, after two back-to-back Platinum Awards in ‘08 and ‘09.

ProMax Online has scored above average every year since the awards began—the only company in this category to achieve this feat. In total, ProMax Online has won five Desking Software Dealers’ Choice Awards, including the Platinum Award this year, and the driving force behind the company’s continued success could be its good customer service. “Our primary concern here at ProMax is customer satisfaction. We have maintained an excellent reputation for over 16 years by striving to take care of our current dealers, more so than aggressively signing up new dealers,” said Shane Born, vice president of sales and training at ProMax Online.

Technology giant Reynolds & Reynolds has been awarded a Dealers’ Choice Award in the Desking Software category three years running now, taking home the Gold Award this year and achieving the company Double Gold Award status.

Company Award Score
DealerTrack Diamond 103.7
ProMax Online Platinum 101.7
Reynolds & Reynolds Gold 100.3
Group Average 99.8

Vol. 7, Issue 4