Internet Sales

Cloud Computing Access to Data Driven Insight for Best Practices

ResponseLogix, Inc., the leading provider of automotive digital response management software for internet leads, today announced the June availability of SmartFacts® 2.0-- powerful analytics to help optimize the performance of auto dealers’ internet sales departments.

Using state-of-the-art cloud computing technology, SmartFacts data-driven insight is now easily accessible online and allows dealership owners and managers to proactively manage their internet sales teams and increase productivity.

“SmartFacts 2.0 new graphics and enhanced data analytics help general managers create internet car sales best practices by identifying, and then reinforcing or teaching the behaviors that get the best results,” said Tom Mohr, President and CEO of ResponseLogix. “By tracking data such as response times, number of calls or e-mails the dealer management can compare actual results and individual sales people can see what they need to do to improve their own results.”

Detailed comparisons are provided for key data points including: time saved in quoting and following-up with leads, percent of leads contacted, number of customers with  renewed interest in purchasing a car, dealership response time to new and reactivated leads, and tracking of consumer behavior to communications from the dealership.  Dealers with multiple franchises will have the information available as individual reports for each franchise.

“I am a huge advocate of data to help set goals and drive sales; SmartFacts highlights our strengths, pinpoints our weaknesses and provides us with a greater degree of accountability,” said Andrew DiFeo, general manager of Hyundai of St. Augustine.  “I can drill down to the individual associate and provide specific performance coaching.  There is a direct correlation between how many emails and phone calls a sales rep makes and the number of cars sold.”

About ResponseLogix, Inc.

ResponseLogix started in a car dealership.  By observing the internet car buying sales process from both the dealer and the customer side, ResponseLogix determined that effective Digital Response Management is the key to achieving both immediate initial response and effective ongoing follow-up.  With this in mind, the company created its powerful patent-pending solution suite, tailored to the needs of the fast-paced, multi-tasking dealer internet selling environment.

A pioneer in the emerging category of Digital Response Management (DRM), ResponseLogix leads the industry with a marketing solution suite that enables dealers to maximize sales from internet leads.  ResponseLogix helps dealers solve the top three challenges facing their internet sales departments: the speed and quality of the initial response to internet leads, the impact and consistency of ongoing follow-up, and the effectiveness of the internet team’s live communication with the customer.  No other solution provides dealers with a proven, robust marketing solution that delivers such significant increases in the conversion of internet leads to sales.

ResponseLogix delivers software as a service (SaaS) technology to auto dealers that engages the customer early in the car buying process and then propels them toward purchase. SmartQuote® delivers a relevant quote response within 10 minutes of internet lead receipt 95% of the time.  SmartFollow® automatically follows-up and reactivates leads if the customer doesn’t buy right away.  SmartFacts® delivers powerful analytics to help optimize the performance of Internet sales departments. 

ResponseLogix products are available in 40 US markets for Toyota, Ford, Lincoln-Mercury, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Honda, Lexus, Audi, Acura, Nissan, Infiniti, Kia and Hyundai dealers across the US.  Additional OEM’s will be supported soon.  Additional information is available at .