COLUMBUS, OH—Don Reed, CEO of DealerPro Training Solutions and an NADA Top 10 speaker since 2008, has announced an increased Service Gross Profit Guarantee for qualifying automobile dealers nationwide.

This applies for dealers who implement DealerPro’s In-Dealership Performance Driven Training program. This 13-month program installs new policies and processes guaranteed to increase customer pay hours per RO and CSI.

The results from this No-Risk program are so dramatic that DealerPro says a typical dealer will increase Service Gross Profits at least $200,000 within the program’s 13 months. Dozens of dealers have hit this mark and become proud members of the DealerPro $200K Club.

More important, dozens more dealers have exceeded the $200K mark, earning more than $300,000 … and $400,000 in additional Service Gross Profits. One dealer is currently on track to make more than $900,000 additional Service Gross Profits in his first 13 months on the program.

Because dealers are enjoying such tremendous success under the DealerPro Performance Driven Training program, Mr. Reed is providing a Performance Guarantee … and a Money-Back Guarantee as well. “We do the job, or we don’t get paid,” says Mr. Reed.

DealerPro trains Service Advisors to sell, and provides them with the tools for success. The result: 40% or better Increases in customer pay sales … Increased RO count, Increased sales per RO, more incoming calls converted into appointments … and more.

Mr. Reed has more than 20 years experience as a dealer and more than 10 years as a trainer.  As a Twenty Group Advisor and consultant, he has helped hundreds of dealerships dramatically improve Service Gross Profits.

“The real growth in Service Gross Profits comes from monthly monitoring and refresher training built into the DealerPro process,” says Mr. Reed. “That’s how we can guarantee success.”

For more information visit, call toll-free at 1-888-553-0100 or email Don Reed: [email protected]