Analytics reporting tool within IMN Loyalty Driver e-newsletter service helps drive sales for auto dealerships

WALTHAM, Mass. – IMN, provider of Loyalty Driver™, the most widely-used e-communication service for automotive dealerships, is pleased to announce the success of Spotlight, an analytics reporting tool within IMN’s Loyalty Driver that tracks e-newsletter click-through rates. Since the launch of Spotlight in January 2009, numerous dealerships have tied vehicle sales directly back to leads generated from Spotlight reports.

Helping dealerships target email campaigns, Loyalty Driver Spotlight highlights individuals truly interested in a vehicle or service; increasing qualified leads for test drives and service appointments. Dealers are able to track which newsletter articles and promotions are receiving the most attention, and then tailor effective messaging to the group as a follow-up.

Demonstrating the value of analytics provided through Spotlight, McDonald Volvo recently sold three vehicles after sending prospect customers an e-newsletter through IMN Loyalty Driver and then tracking qualified leads based on click-through rates.

“We used IMN’s Spotlight to reach out to e-newsletter readers who clicked on our vehicle specials and sold three cars from that correspondence,” said Randy Reed, sales manager, McDonald Volvo. “We can absolutely quantify Spotlight’s impact on our bottom line each month.

Spotlight helps dealerships communicate and provide relevant messaging to a buyer at the exact moment the customer is contemplating a purchase.

“Confidence in the economy is growing, but consumers remain wary of spending money on big-ticket items,” said Brian Epro, vice president of IMN’s Automotive Services Group. “Spotlight enables dealers to target consumers that are most likely to purchase a product or service and speak directly to them, increasing the chance of a sale.”

“Our unique shopper website traffic increases an average of 248 percent on the day our newsletter is delivered.  There are only so many ways to ask a customer to buy a car. If you want to stay in front of them and not always feel like you're making a sales pitch, IMN’s e-newsletter is a perfect way to do it,” said Joshua Fichter, director of operations, Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford.

IMN Loyalty Driver is an efficient, cost-effective way for auto dealers to deliver prospects a company-branded, fully managed e-newsletter with informative automotive articles, vehicle profiles and buying and service tips.  For more information about IMN Loyalty Driver or Spotlight, please visit IMN at NADA Booth # 4249N or visit

About IMN:
Founded in 1999, IMN is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider specializing in content-driven e-communication services. Since 2004, IMN has provided Loyalty Driver, an e-communication service to help automobile dealerships communicate with their customers through multi-media email and e-newsletters designed to drive measurable brand impact, product visibility, leads and sales. IMN serves customers worldwide and has formed relationships with more than 2,000 dealerships including the top ten auto groups in the United States.  It also serves major corporations such as Shell Oil, Wachovia, Medifast and Sage.  Additional information can be found at or by calling 1-866-964-6397.