dealers using MAX Systems increase conversions by as much as 50%

CHICAGO – INCISENT Technologies, the maker of FirstLook Inventory Management Systems, today announced the launch of a new business unit, MAX Systems.  MAX (Marketing through Automated eXpertise) helps dealers increase online actions, sales, and margin by optimizing their online ads, emails and sales tools. 

Their flagship product, MAX Ad, is the auto industry’s first intelligent advertising system.  It automatically generates customized and highly effective vehicle content and descriptions that dealers can send to and other websites. 

“Most vehicle descriptions are either an alphabetical list of features or use ‘dealer speak’,” said Pat Ryan, CEO and Co-Founder of INCISENT.  “It’s time for classified ads to become high quality ads designed to connect with what consumers are looking for.  Every phrase in a MAX ad has been designed to maximize relevance for the car buyer.”

All MAX products are built around their proprietary MARK Engine, which searches through vast amounts of internet data and then filters out all but the most relevant information about each car.  The MARK Engine then maps the highest relevance data about each vehicle to the consumer decision making process enabling dealers to communicate a vehicle’s value to consumers, educate internal sales teams and validate a car’s price.  The MAX product suite includes MAX Ad, MAX for Selling, MAX for Email and MAX Web Loader.

MAX was created after two years of research and development by INCISENT Labs and has the intelligence to do things like put heated seats higher in ads during the winter in northern states and create distinct ads for buyers of a BMW 3-Series vs. a Mercedes C-Class based on the distinct brand profiles.

In conjunction with its business launch, MAX Systems has announced that AutoTrader is the first company to implement their MARK Format Ads.  Combining MAX Systems technology with automotive marketplace, some early MAX dealers saw their conversions increase by as much as 50% with an average improvement of about 25% for MAX Ad pilot dealers.

“Using the MARK Format Ads is one more effort in’s overall strategy of working with companies and products that help our dealers more effectively and efficiently market their vehicles,” Director of Product Management Keith Burnette.  “We’re excited about these early results and look forward to talking about this and our other new merchandising products and services with dealers in the coming weeks.”

“We know that more robust and relevant ads lead to more cars sold,” said Ryan.  “By combining the MAX Systems Technology with the online marketplace, we are revolutionizing the way dealers advertise online, making ads simpler, more relevant and ultimately more likely to lead to sales conversions.”

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About MAX Systems
MAX is the auto industry’s first intelligent online advertising system.  MAX (Marketing through Automated eXpertise) products enable dealers to increase online actions, sales, and margins by optimizing their online ads, emails, and sales tools.  Through over two years of research and development by INCISENT Labs, MAX developed the MARK Engine which uniquely tailors an ad to consumers’ decision-making process.  A team of researchers, data analysts and marketers are constantly improving the MARK Engine, ensuring that MAX dealers are always one step ahead of the competition.  MAX is a division of INCISENT Technologies, and the sister division of FirstLook Inventory Management Systems.

About INCISENT Technologies
INCISENT Technologies is catalyzing the transformation of traditional industry through unique solutions for the Internet Age.  The pioneer in creating revolutionary Consumer Optimization Technologies and Inventory Optimization Technologies for automotive retailers, INCISENT is the parent company of FirstLook Systems, market smart inventory management; MAX Systems, the auto industry’s first intelligent advertising systems; and INCISENT Research and Development Labs.  INCISENT Technologies enables non-analytically inclined managers to incorporate sophisticated data-driven decision making into their operations, giving rise to dramatically enhanced productivity and profitability.