Desking Software

The top two desking software providers in 2011 have had a stronghold on the category for several years now. While they have fluctuated in placement some from year to year, their dealers continually rank them as the cream of the crop.

Recapturing the Diamond Award for desking software this year is ProMax, with a score of 104.9 (almost six points higher than the group average of 99.1). ProMax has taken home six desking awards and scored above average for seven straight years. “Having the most awards in the Desking category and winning again this year is the highest compliment ProMax, and my company in general, can receive because this award is strictly based on the votes of people out there in the trenches at dealerships around the country everyday trying to put special finance deals together and get them funded,” said John Palmer, CEO of Dealer Marketing Services.

DealerTrack, having won an award every year for the last four, again scored well above the group average in the desking software category to claim the Platinum Award—the company’s fifth consecutive award in the category.

Company Award Score
ProMax Diamond 104.9
DealerTrack Platinum 103.2
Group Average 99.1

Vol. 8, Issue 4