New Vehicle Internet Lead Provider

Dealers vote for several different new vehicle Internet lead providers each year, and three familiar names rose to the top in 2011. Capturing the Diamond Award this year is with a score of 96.3 (almost five points higher than the category group average of 91.6). has scored above average six out of seven years since Auto Dealer Monthly has been compiling the Dealers’ Choice Awards, with a Platinum Award last year and a Diamond Award in 2008. The company is happy to be back atop the pack in the New Vehicle Internet Lead category. “One of the big focuses for this year was to increase the training we give to dealers. Our DealerAdvantage webinars and newsletters give dealers the opportunity to read articles and see presentations from the thought leaders in our industry. This information ranges from how to sell, reputation management and even how to write impactful sellers notes,” said President Mitch Golub.

Another dealer favorite for new vehicle Internet leads is, the 2011 Platinum Award winner. The company is one of the elite Dealers’ Choice Award winners that can claim it has won an award in this category every year since 2005 (the awards’ inception).

The Gold Award for new vehicle Internet leads in 2011 goes to Dealix (a Division of The Cobalt Group), another company that has claimed awards in the category several times. “We’re honored to again be recognized by the dealer community as a leader in the New Vehicle Internet Lead Category for the Dealers’ Choice Awards,” said Anna Zornosa, Dealix general manager.

Company Award Score Diamond 96.3 Platinum 92.1
Cobalt (Dealix)     Gold 91.8
Group Average 91.6

Vol. 8, Issue 4