Used Vehicle Internet Lead Provider

Dealers rated only two lead providers high enough to win awards in the Used Vehicle Internet Lead category this year. You may recognize the Diamond Award winner – with a score of 101.8 – for two reasons. The company also captured a Diamond Award for New Vehicle Internet Lead Provider this year, and it’s been an award-winner in the Used Vehicle Internet Lead category six times now. “In a year that has held several challenges for dealers, we’ve really made an effort to increase the quality of our new and used car leads to help them succeed. We’re thrilled to have helped our dealers move cars off their lot and put money in their pockets,” said Mitch Golub, president of

The only company to score above average in the Dealers’ Choice Awards every year in the Used Vehicle Internet Lead category is also this year’s Platinum Award winner— This year marks the company’s sixth Dealers’ Choice Award in this category, and it placed fourth in the 2008 awards. In fact, is the only lead provider across all three lead categories (new, used and special finance) to garner a mention in the same category for seven straight years.

Company Award Score Diamond 101.8 Platinum 97.8
Group Average 97.6

Vol. 8, Issue 4