Direct Mail

Out of all 21 categories in the Dealers’ Choice Awards, the direct mail category is the only one that has seen no movement among the top two award winners for the past four years.

The Diamond Award winner – Strategic Marketing – is a Triple Diamond Award winner, and 2011 marks the company’s seventh straight Diamond Award for direct mail. Todd Strause, president of Strategic Marketing, said in order to maintain such high customer satisfaction, you must simply “do what you say you are going to do.” He added, “This includes creating proper expectations upfront, sharing your professional opinion on ideas which you know might or might not work, and treating clients the way you would want to be treated.”

The only other company to claim award-winning status this year is @utoRevenue, the 2011 Platinum Award winner as well as a Triple Platinum winner. “We take great pride in our direct mail pieces and the consultative approach we take with each of our dealerships. They are all unique to us, and we assist them in targeting the right database that will provide optimum results,” said Brice Englert, general manager of @utoRevenue.

Company Award Score
Strategic Marketing Diamond 104.2
@utoRevenue Platinum 98.2
Group Average 95.2

Vol. 8, Issue 4