Sales Trainer

For a second year in a row, only two sales trainers were rated well enough by their dealers to claim awards. Similar to the Direct Mail category, the Sales Trainer category has been dominated by the same two providers for several years, but the one difference is the top two sales trainers change placement from time to time.

This year’s Diamond Award winner for sales training is The Cardone Group with a score of 107.3. To date, The Cardone Group has won a total of two Diamond Awards, three Platinum Awards and one Gold Award. “The Cardone Group is proud to accept this award as the number-one [sales] training provider in the automotive industry,” said Scott Morgan, president of The Cardone Group. “We pride ourselves in working directly with our dealers and manufacturers to identify key process opportunities that improve customer satisfaction and dealer profits.”

The Joe Verde Group scored Platinum Award-winning status this year, making the company one of the few to be able to claim it’s won seven Dealers’ Choice Awards in the same category.

Company Award Score
The Cardone Group   Diamond 107.3
The Joe Verde Group Platinum 103.0
Group Average           99.8

Vol. 8, Issue 4