Helps Auto Dealers Increase Vehicle Service Business and Profitability

Houston, Texas – CAR-Research XRM, a single-source CRM solution uniquely branded as; “XRM, Exceeding CRM”, today announced that it has released an updated version of its highly successful Service Drive Control Manager.  The new module is fully integrated with the CRM and provides all necessary tools to effectively manage a profitable service department including real-time tracking of repair orders (RO’s); alerts for up-sell opportunities and declined services; work-in-process reporting; system alerts for missed promise times and incomplete customer information; and complete sales and service customer history. With Service Drive Control Manager dealers can also perform multi-point inspections and truly evaluate performance, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and profitability. Service departments using the new CRM module are enjoying increases in Customer Pay RO average of $50-$100 per repair order.

“I’m so excited by how much our dealers using Service Control Manger are adding to their bottom line.  There really is nothing that compares as far as functionality and results,” said Robert Charbeneau, CAR-Research XRM director of fixed operations. “Service departments are inspecting more vehicles, talking to customers more frequently and keeping them better informed about vehicle service. Managers are more efficiently running their departments, technicians are finding more needed maintenance and repair work, which is then upsold, and CSI and profitability is steadily increasing; it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Service Drive Control Manager most recent updates include:

• A dynamic route sheet that updates every 2 minutes and automatically displays key information related to repair orders in service. The information helps advisors track customers and their repair order progress as it updates key indicator status through the repair.

• Voice to text notes that automatically update in the CRM

• Customer Type Indicators; Today, carryovers, appointments and type, 1st time customers, inactive customers and customers with declined services from previous visit. This enables improved customer handling and declined service follow up

• The ability to tie into the phone system and track inbound and outbound calls with alerts that ensure all customer calls are answered in a timely manner

• A new and improved service scheduling tool with customizable service menus that show current shop load goal and available hours to sell. It helps balance the shop load while also freeing up busy service department personnel by making service scheduling simple even for unskilled personnel

CAR-Research has developed a proven singular solution that helps an auto dealership run more effectively and proficiently. It is a web-based, comprehensive CRM solution that helps increase revenue from sales and service, improve customer satisfaction index (CSI) and service satisfaction index (SSI), and boost the dealership’s gross profit. A dealership can consolidate all its departments into a manageable solution that delivers value through proven processes at every stage of the customer life cycle. For more information contact Kurt Kubicki at 888-583-0956 email [email protected] or visit

About CAR-Research XRM
Now in its 16th year, CAR-Research XRM has paved the way for better customer relationships with its use of market research to capture unsold retail customers.  Utilizing its signature "third party inquiry" interview process, the company provides real-time information to dealership management on potential sales they would normally lose. CAR-Research XRM is currently doing business in thirty-one states, Canada and Puerto Rico. From its headquarters in Houston, Texas, the company maintains its high-touch approach, providing daily training, monthly performance reviews, and on site account management, ranging from single-point stores to large dealer groups. Additional information is available at