AUGUSTA, Maine – The Wolfington Group announced today that the company has promoted Daniel Freeman, of Manchester, ME to the position of Vice President.

According to Harry Wolfington, the original founder of the Wolfington Group, “Dan embodies the Wolfington work ethic, attitude and image. He’s been with the company over 10 years and has a track record second to none amongst our loyal dealer customers across the United States.  It is a proud day for me in particular having had the opportunity to watch Dan grow in the industry for the past twenty years.  Promoting him to the position of Vice President was a natural progression consistent with our long term goals.”

Mr. Freeman began working for the Wolfington Group  in 1999, and is currently one of the organization’s Team Leaders that directs and runs marketing events for Automobile Dealers.  The Wolfington Group provides training and marketing services to over 250 automobile franchised dealerships in 43 States and has been in business since 1998.

About The Wolfington Group
The Wolfington Group provides inventory reduction events supported by direct mail with hands-on automotive professionals. The Wolfington Group is a relationship oriented company producing high impact promotional sales events with measurable results. Our unique staffed event produces high volume, high front and back end gross profits with an incredibly effective training and educational environment without compromising customer satisfaction.