Las Vegas, NV — Vehicle inspection programs can produce substantial revenue for auto dealer service departments. However, most fail because they are not a consistent and quality process and can't easily be measured. Mobile Productivity, Inc. (MPi) (, the leading provider of vehicle inspection tools, processes, and consulting for auto dealer service departments, today announced the creation of its EDGE 4G Certification Program. Through a combination of web based training videos and live, fully-interactive training webinars; auto dealers now have access to all the training needed to increase their parts and labor gross profits by creating a well organized, practiced and consistent vehicle inspection program.

“Here at MPi we take the needs of our clients and the feedback they provide very seriously.  We are constantly striving to improve our EDGE solution — World Class Inspection processes and EDGE software — by adding new features and improving usability.  By participating in our annual certification effort, auto dealers can be certain that all their staff will have the knowledge and skills necessary to extract the most value possible out of the EDGE 4G solution,” commented Les Silver, MPi Chairman/CEO.

MPi’s primary focus is providing dealerships the necessary tools, processes and training to successfully institute a comprehensive, World Class Inspection Program (WCI) in service departments across North America.  Since 2003, MPi’s proven results driven solution has been helping over 1,000 dealerships achieve a 4 or 5 to 1 return on investment by increasing the sale of legitimately needed service work. 

The WCI system focuses on the management of a “customer friendly” process which, when performed correctly, produces better results.  MPi’s complete and all inclusive vehicle inspection program includes its state of the art software solution, EDGE; customized customer friendly communication tools (Recommended Action Plan™ and Know Your Vehicle™ Reports); detailed management reporting and analysis tools; ongoing consulting and training services; and process and performance metrics.

The EDGE 4G Certification Program will do the following:
• First, new service staff hired after the initial implementation will have the opportunity to attend high quality training for the World Class Inspection program and EDGE software.  Through a combination of web based training videos and live, fully-interactive training webinars;  dealers can be certain that all new staff will have access to all the training needed to make them a proficient and effective member of the World Class Inspection team.

• Second, this initiative will allow dealers to certify all staff on the World Class Inspection program on an ongoing annual basis. 

This certification initiative will introduce the latest EDGE features and enhancements to the entire dealership staff while reinforcing best practices and providing a forum to have any questions they have answered by an expert in both the EDGE software and World Class Inspection program.  Annual EDGE Certification will help the dealership’s Service Department maximize its return on investment and perform at a truly World Class level.

 “With current market conditions, the key is to promote and sell all legitimately needed parts and service work to existing customers. Dealers using the World Class Inspection system uniformly see significant increases in recommendations per vehicle inspection; which translates to healthy increases in gross profit. With our certification program, dealers should see consistent increases in gross,” said Silver.
EDGE pricing is based on dealership size and number of users. A dealership can receive a no-cost price quote and business case by contacting MPI at (888) 335-5736, or visit MPi’s website at:

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