Earning the Green Light to Customer Upsell Profitability 

Las Vegas, NV —The ability to add legitimate line items to every repair order is a proven way for auto dealers to boost parts and labor profits – and retain customers, yet many fail miserably at the upsell process. To help auto dealers in this upsell process, MPi (www.mpi-edge.com) the leading provider of vehicle inspection tools, processes, and consulting for auto dealer service departments, today announced the release of a new eBook, Earning the Green Light to Customer Upsell Profitability.

“As straightforward as the upsell process sounds –and is – advisors often choke at upselling their customers. Yet a recent J.D. Power and Associates customer satisfaction survey notes that upsell work benefits both the customer and dealership – customers gain longer vehicle life and dealerships additional revenue,” commented  Les Silver MPi Chairman/CEO. “Some of the dealerships mentioned in Earning the Green Light to Customer Upsell Profitability are achieving monthly upsell parts and labor sales of $100,000 and more a month, using a process that helps them educate customers about their vehicles’ service, which builds confidence in upsell recommendations,” Silver added.

What auto dealer service advisors need to know about upselling customers – how to do it correctly and how to do it so customers sell themselves – is outlined in the eBook, Earning the Green Light to Customer Upsell Profitability.

Some highlights:

• How to navigate perceptions so upsell isn’t viewed as a negative by customers – or advisors
• How to develop advisors who feel confident in presenting upsell opportunities
• How to move customers to “green” so the upsell can happen naturally
• How to upsell customers so the dealership improves its parts and labor sales

“Whether your shop has one advisor or a dozen, they can learn to see real value in the upsell process. As a result, they become adept at presenting additional service recommendations in a manner that builds customer trust and gains their additional business,” said Silver.

The new eBook can be downloaded at: http://www.mpi-edge.com/media/22710/earning_the_green_light.pdf

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