Suite includes premium trainings in the areas of: Human Resources, Professional Development, Sales and F&I and Environmental Health and Safety, among other topics.


Portland, Ore. - Compli®, the nation's trusted provider of HR and compliance management solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of premium trainings within the Compli platform. These new fee-based premium trainings include courses from industry-leading training providers such as PureSafety, WeComply and Pro-Tread. This expanded comprehensive suite will help employees stay current with industry HR and compliance practices while mitigating risk exposure for employers.

A variety of premium training courses are now offered within the suite, including courses focused on: Human Resources, Professional Development, Environmental Health and Safety, Injury and Illness Prevention, Auto Dealership Specific Sales and F&I as well as Trucking and Transportation Specific Workplace Safety and Driver Safety (for each of the seven CSA BASICs). Premium trainings are seamlessly integrated within the Compli platform which keeps a record of course activity inside each employee’s electronic personnel file.

“We have added significant new premium trainings from PureSafety, WeComply and Pro-Tread as part of our ongoing goal to provide an increasingly rich content library to meet the expanding needs of our customers. By seamlessly integrating these premium trainings, in addition to the courses already included in our platform, clients can efficiently assign required trainings to employees and track their completion, at the touch of a button,” said Lon Leneve, President and CEO of Compli.

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