Overland Park, Kansas - NCM® Associates, the leading provider of 20 Group, retail operations consulting, management training and education, and Benchmark® analysis services to retail automotive dealers and managers, today announced it has been selected by Google for the first presentation of the Google Dealer Jumpstart Program to members of NCM’s Hyundai Profit Council Dealer 20 Group. The search engine giant will provide the attending auto dealers and managers insights into the online dealer landscape and give a strategic overview of online best practices, along with a comprehensive explanation of Google products for auto dealers to help them succeed online.

Google, the Internet search engine giant, has a significant number of products designed to help local retail business owners leverage the reality of today’s online shopping behaviors. NCM Associates, the leading automotive dealer 20 Group provider, has a client base of car dealers who want insights and guidance to help them address the local market implications of the Internet on car-buying behavior. On November 13th, Kate Balingit, Dealer Jumpstart Strategist from Google’s Auto Industry Development Team who has worked as a Google liaison to Hyundai Motor America, will be addressing NCM’s Hyundai Profit Council Dealer 20 Group in Las Vegas about both. NCM expects the presentation will bring considerable value to the attending dealers and managers to help them better understand the extent and growth of online automobile shopping behavior in order to position themselves to take advantage of the tools that will help them be found, get noticed, and drive online shopping offline and into their dealerships.

NCM President and CEO Paul A. Faletti, Jr. acknowledged a need for a focused approach to solving a long-standing concern of NCM’s clients. “Dealers generally recognize their need to address the challenges of connecting with online shoppers; we recognize that they may be less efficient with their online spend in their quest for a robust search strategy,” he said. Faletti commends Google’s personal and direct support of the auto dealer community via a more thoughtful approach. “With the Dealer Jumpstart Program, Google is first and foremost educating the dealers on best practices and then offering them a blend of paid and non-paid tools that will aid them no matter where they are or how aggressive they want to be in their Internet marketing strategy.” Faletti added, “This presentation will help them not only understand why they need to be addressing this huge opportunity, but how to go about it strategically.”

John McDonald, the Hyundai Profit Council Dealer 20 Group’s executive conference moderator, recommended the presentation to the group’s executive committee last August. McDonald admires the innovative group’s desire to stay ahead of the curve intellectually as well as competitively and said it didn’t take much convincing for the executive committee to agree to allow Google into the meeting room. “Addressing the growth of Internet shoppers is a challenge for many dealers and this group is ripe for strategic solutions,” McDonald said. “The Hyundai Profit Council is eager and ready to use all the tools at their disposal, but it’s important they have a filter to weed out the noise and find those solutions that will give them the strategic insights they need to make the decisions that will have the best, most significant impacts on their success. This is just one more example of the value that NCM brings to their 20 group experience,” he added.       

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