Reorganization will provide deeper product integration and better service

Norfolk, VA– Dominion Dealer Solutions, an industry leader in automotive technology and services and a division of Dominion Enterprises, announced today the reorganization and unification of its businesses and products.  These changes, as reported by Robert Berndt, president of Dominion Dealer Solutions, reflect the company’s objective to deliver a single and complete set of solutions for customer, inventory and marketing technology to their automotive dealer customers.

Promoted throughout 2011 as Dominion CRM, Inventory and Websites, the individual businesses of Dominion Dealer Solutions have aligned their products and services to more quickly meet dealer needs. Dealerskins and XIGroup merged early in 2011 to provide higher quality custom websites for auto dealers. @utoRevenue, AVV Web Control and Autobase combined under the Autobase brand in early summer 2011 as a unified CRM and marketing services provider. Dealer Specialties has provided inventory data, analytics and reports to dealers for over 20 years and is collaborating more closely with Cross-Sell market research in the new Dominion Inventory division. In addition to these business transitions, the leadership of Dominion Dealer Solutions has been realigned in order to provide higher quality products and services to both dealer and OEM customers.

Rich Crawford, formerly vice president in charge of CRM and direct marketing, is now vice president of product management for Dominion Dealer Solutions. Rich has been working in the automotive industry since joining Dominion in 2004, initially in a business development/acquisition role, then as the force behind Dominion’s CRM strategy. The leadership of Rich’s team consists of automotive veterans: Bryan Anderson, Brice Englert, Ed Braunbeck, Sean Conley and Alan Andreu, who together have built the largest single CRM business in the automotive industry. According to Berndt, “This new organization empowers Dominion’s expertise as first-movers in inventory, digital marketing and sales solutions. In 2012, our seamless product suite will be the smartest choice to drive automotive business results.”
George Nenni, formerly vice president of Dominion Dealer Services, has taken on the role of vice president of operations for Dominion Dealer Solutions. George will be in charge of implementation, training, call centers and customer support for Dominion Dealer Solutions. George began his work in the automotive industry with Dealer Specialties in 1993.  He has been instrumental in the creation of the Dominion Dealer Solutions brand. His history in the automotive industry, combined with his keen eye for understanding customer needs, will be a significant asset in this new role. George was a panelist at AutoRemarketing’s CPO conference last month, and contributes a monthly column to Dealer Communication’s magazine. George added, “This organizational alignment supports our technology integration.  By bringing together the best operational talent within our company, we will be able to more effectively onboard, train and support our customers."

Adam Dennis, most recently a consultant for Dominion Dealer Solutions, has joined the company as vice president of product development. Previously, Adam was the owner and general manager of XIGroup, which Dominion Dealer Solutions purchased from him in 2005. Using both U.S. and foreign resources, Adam is responsible for delivering products quickly and efficiently, integrating usability standards throughout the development process, and oversee the technology development department of Dominion Dealer Solutions. As Dominion Dealer Solutions seeks to deliver not only strong products independently, but also as a single solution, Adam’s team will work to ensure that adequate resources and development work are well coordinated with excellent project management for both dealers and OEMs.

Bill Leek, formerly vice president of sales for Autobase, is now the vice president of sales for Dominion Dealer Solutions. Bill oversees a newly unified sales team, including nationwide field representatives for both the CRM and Digital Marketing divisions of Dominion Dealer Solutions. Bill Leek has more than 22 years of experience in the automotive industry. Fourteen of those years were spent in the dealership retail setting in various sales and sales management positions. He has extensive automotive industry knowledge and a deep understanding of today’s current technologies.  This combination enables Bill to identify appropriate solutions for dealers to maximize their sales and performance results. His prior experience in management and sales in the automotive CRM & DMS industry includes ADP and Newgen Results.

”With the advent of 2012, Dominion Dealer Solutions is moving forward stronger and faster than ever,” noted Robert Berndt, president of Dominion Dealer Solutions. “This is an exciting time for employees, dealers and OEMs to be involved with us.  2011 has been a year marked by continuing introductions of innovations such as our reputation management and equity products. Solutions scheduled for delivery in 2012 will make it our largest innovation year yet.  Our new organizational structure allows us to deliver excellent products to our customers more quickly. ”

About Dominion Dealer Solutions
Dominion Dealer Solutions helps car dealers attract, retain, and service customers for life. Dominion Dealer Solutions' marketing performance system includes: lead generation, mobile apps, reputation management solutions, web-based customer relationship and lead management tools; custom digital marketing tools including websites, SEO, SEM, digital advertising, specialized data aggregation; and inventory management analytics including market reports. Every OEM and more than 60 percent of auto dealers nationwide utilize Dominion Dealer Solutions' technologies to solve their marketing challenges.

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