Internet Trainer

After winning the Platinum Award last year, reclaimed the Diamond Award this year, which the company also previously won in 2008, 2009 and 2010. “Our team … has a true passion for accelerating the Internet and BDC operational results for our clients. I think because we’ve all been in the same roles of the fine people we teach, it makes it easier for us to understand what is required to be successful. We truly love helping our clients,” said David Kain, president of “As always, our team may provide the instruction, but the reason our clients do so well is that they execute at a remarkable level on a daily basis and make sure all the little things happen to create an exceptional customer experience.”

In addition to being known for providing websites, has been recognized in the Internet Trainer category every year since 2010. This year the company won the Platinum Award for Internet Trainer. “Providing websites is and was an important part of our services and capabilities, but as the industry evolved and our customers’ needs changed, we ensured we had the vision and scalability to meet those needs. Training plays a critical role in preparing and empowering our clients to fully utilize the value and features of our digital advertising platform,” stated Eliza Kelly, vice president of marketing for “We are thrilled to win this award for the third year as it emphasizes the importance of not just building a great product, but providing the tools and training to make the product work for each client’s needs.”

Company Award Score Diamond 112.7 Platinum 100.0
Group Average 99.2

Vol. 9, Issue 4